Every year John McCain runs a bracket contest on his website. He even gives away prizes.

You can win a lovely McCain fleece:


Or this stylish hat:


All by making college basketball picks on Senator McCain’s website.

This is the same Senator McCain who once supported a government ban on college sports betting. Even in Las Vegas.


If anybody else did this they would be sued and served a cease and desist by the NCAA and CBS.


This year, not only does Senator McCain get to benefit POLITICALLY off the backs of amateur college athletes, but he can also benefit FINANCIALLY as well. After all, he’s now running for president so he can actually use this contest to solicit campaign contributions.

So much for campaign finance reform!

I would like ANYONE to look at the ad below and explain to me how John McCain is allowed to get away with this.


This is NOT a Republican or Democrat issue. It’s right and wrong. In this instance, McCain is being a hypocrite.

Send me your comments.

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