It’s hard to believe, but Kurt Cobain of Nirvana has been dead for almost 14 years.


And, (as comedian/professional roaster, Jeffrey Ross, has said) it’s also hard to believe “He still looks better than Courtney Love.”


Love, of course, is Cobain’s drug addict ex-wife. This week she proved what a Hole she really is.

Love sold the rights to Cobain’s name to Converse. They, in turn, just debuted the KURT COBAIN SNEAKER.


Great! That’s what Nirvana was all about, COMMERCIALISM.

Last year, Cobain was # 1 on the Forbes magazine list of “top earning dead celebrities.” His estate brought in $50 million. That’s more than Elvis made. Just how bad does Love’s dealer Courtney need the money?

In retrospect, maybe Yoko Ono wasn’t such a bitch after all.


But hey, there’s an anti-corporate slogan on the inside of the corporation’s shoe, so I’m sure Cobain would’ve been ok with this.


It’s a good thing Cobain isn’t alive to see THIS. I mean, he’d just have to shoot himself in the head AGAIN!

It beats being married to Courtney Love.

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