Lance Allred is not your typical basketball player.

Allred describes himself as a hearing impaired kid who grew up in a cult. He also had two mothers when he was born at a polygamous compound in Montana.

The Cleveland Cavaliers signed Allred, who had been tearing up the D-league,  to a 10-day contract this weekend.  He recently had a 29 point-19 rebound game for the Idaho Stampede, but it’s his background that has everybody talking.

Allred says he has memories of his childhood that still haunt him.

He recently described his troubled youth, “I grew up in a society where I was pretty much brainwashed,” he said. “When I was 5 years old and hearing impaired, I was told by a teacher that God had made me deaf as punishment because I wasn’t faithful in a pre-existence. Who tells a 5-year-old kid that?”

Allred and his family moved to Utah when he was 13. He was the Gatorade Utah Player of the Year and an honor student in high school. He played for Team USA in the World Deaf Basketball Championships in Greece. Allred then stayed in-state and signed to play his college basketball for renowned coach, Rick Majerus, at Utah.


It was a disaster from the start. Majerus immediately branded Allred as an underachiever who lacked heart. In a famous piece in Sports Illustrated, S.L. Price wrote,

“…Majerus reportedly called Lance Allred, a backup center who was 75% deaf, “a disgrace to cripples” who had “weaseled [his] way through life using [his poor] hearing as an excuse.”

Things became so bad that Allred transferred to Weber State. Although he averaged 18 ppg, and finished third in the nation in rebounding, his senior season, Allred went undrafted by the NBA. Many accuse Majerus of badmouthing him to NBA clubs.


Famed Fatman badmouths “disgrace to cripples”

Not all of Allred’s coaches speak badly of him. “People don’t understand what he’s been through. He’s been knocked down a few times with thunderbolts and lightning and always picked himself up and kept going,” says one former coach.

I’m sure, unlike Majerus, most NBA fans will be rooting for him.

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  1. NBA’s first Deaf Player - Lance Allred « bill creswell - captioning the internet one video at a time Says:

    […] hearing loss, rendering him partially deaf and forcing him to use hearing implants. And he’s certainly had his share of adversity. Through all of this, Allred has shared the same dream of many D-League players: Playing in the […]

  2. joe Says:

    what a magnus ass****!

  3. Averix-Jack Says:

    To Lance Allred, and Rick Majerus, don’t give the dreams that both of u really want. I would like to see picture of Lance Allred on the front cover of Sports Illustrated with his signature. It would be cool to familiar about a deaf person plays for NBA.

  4. The Rebuttal » Blog Archive » Lance Allred and the Mad World Says:

    […] received an article about Lance Allred last week. Lance is apparently the first ever deaf person to be offered an NBL contract in America. […]

  5. Matt Says:

    Could it be more of a hatchet job on Majerus? The kid is 75% DEAF.. he isn’t missing a hand or fingers, he wasn’t raised by wolves.. he is partially deaf and admits that it actually HELPS him.. and now he’s trying to sell a book by hyping up adversities..

    No one questions that Majerus is a loud-mouthed, mean-spirited, kick you in the ass Bobby Knight kind of a coach.. but for him to take extra heat because he was mean to the partially deaf-crybaby who guess what? REALLY DID LACK HEART AND **WAS** AN UNDERACHIEVER?

    Boo.. friggin.. hoo.. This is Allred propaganda.. I hated Majerus back in the 90s at Utah, but he’s won 6 coach of the year and 12 divisional championships.. What has Allred done?

    Oh right, he wrote a book about how hard his life has been because he “can’t hear so good.”

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