Media Takeout came up with this transcript of a BET interview with Snoop Dogg a couple of days ago:

“What I wanna say to go on top of that, to the chocolate women, the dark-skinned women, I love ya’ll. I got a chocolate daughter at home. I always tell her chocolate is the best thing in the world. Don’t think that light skin is in, chocolate ain’t never went nowhere. Black is beautiful. I love dark-skinned women.”

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  1. ateal Says:

    finally someone speaks thanks ya snoop (:

  2. Jessica Says:

    Thats really refreshing to hear, and its nice to know that there actually are men out there who appreciate dark skinned women…thank you snoop.

  3. brownin Says:

    Yayy snoop. Its about time dark skinned got its gratitude. I just think that dark skin is so beautiful and that melanin connotes power and other see it and fear it. The light and the white. Please dark women. Dont listen to those light and white girl telling you your ugly. It would make sense for them to try and keep a good thing down right? Stay strong, dark and beautiful. The underdog always comes out on top

  4. Sho' Nuff Says:

    Although my dating preference is black women be she dark or light, i am very much so attracted to brown or darker skinned women such as Serena Williams, Adriana Bombom, Gabrielle Union, Kellita Smith, Tweet (oh lawd, Tweet can get it), Camille Winbush, Angela Bassett, Aisha Tyler, Foxy Brown, and the whole Jamaican women track team LOL.

    My girl will tell you how much i love some chocolate women. I bite and nibble on her all the time like a lil’ candy bar — yea i said it. Yes i did.

    Furthermore for what its worth i am a chocolate guy. I say that because i have noticed the trend that plenty dark skinned blacks have some “Color Struck” issues and seem to only date lighter skinned or whites.

  5. peaches Says:

    in music videos darkskinned women play the backround or not get seen at all, my darkskinned women where you at!

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