Awesome fight in Las Vegas last night!

In a split decision, Manny Pacquiao of the Phillipines held off Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico for the title at 130 pounds. Doug Fischer of Maxboxing.com called the fight, “thrilling, bloody, and brutal” and labled it “another classic.” 

Despite being knocked down in the third round, Marquez felt he won the fight. The judges scored it 115-112 for Pacquiao, 115-112 for Marquez, and 114-113 for Pacquiao. Marquez expressed disapproval of the result saying that “…I fought a great fight and still feel like I am the champ.” Pacquiao for his part said that “I don’t think so, this business is over,”

Promoter, Bob Arum, downplayed a possible Pacquiao/Marquez  rematch. Next up for Pacman-a likely matchup with David Diaz at 135 lbs.


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  1. Wings Says:

    Leave it to MANNY PACQUIAO being THE CHAMP! Marquez may have had great punches but they never floored Manny. So who punches better? Leave it to Marquez only ‘feeling’ being the champ(?) huh?!

  2. Virgilio Loquias Says:

    Congratulations Bay…Next time in your fight,, why not use your Upper Cut …there are times that your opponent is attacking you and it is open for a left of right upper cut… try it and i think that would be effective.

  3. Mika Says:

    Excellent. Merci !

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