What are the odds?

Actually, pretty good, if you think about it.

Turns out the World’s Most Famous John has had sex with The World’s Most Famous Hooker.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, once dressed up as a cheerleader for a wild threesome with actor Charlie Sheen.

“Sheen got the girls to dress up as cheerleaders and chant his name while performing sex acts,” says a British tabloid today.

Sheen has famously spent untold hundreds of thousands of dollars on prostitutes. He once said, “You don’t pay a prostitute for sex. You pay them to leave after the sex.”

Well, that and the cheerleader thing.


This is from Sheen’s wikipedia page:

“Living Legend of Sex”

In a 1997 Empire magazine interview, Sheen was asked what was the largest number of people Sheen had sex with at any one time. He replied: “…five girls at once. It was a pile-up…and it wasn’t so much about going Caligula, it was very organized. Very ordered…all six people in that room came out of it pretty satisfied”. Sheen was listed as #2 on Maxim’s “Top 10 Living Legends of Sex”, citing an alleged 5,000 women that he has slept with.


Wow! That’s half as many as Wilt Chamberlain.

Who’s ahead of Charlie Sheen on the Maxim list? A hotel porter at the Venetian Hotel. He claims to have slept with 8,000 women.

The full Top 10 list of “Living Sex Legends”:

10. Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones bassist) – 1,000
9. Earvin (Magic) Johnson (basketball star) – 1,000
8. Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead frontman) – 1,200
7. Jack Nicholson (actor) – 2,000
6. Ilie Nastase (tennis star) – 2,500
5. Engelbert Humperdinck (singer) – 3,000
4. Julio Iglesias (singer) – 3,000
3. Gene Simmons (Kiss frontman) – 4,600
2. Charlie Sheen (actor) – 5,000
1. Umberto Billo (Venetian hotel porter) – 8,000


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4 Responses to “GUV’S HO DID CHARLIE SHEEN !”

  1. OpposingViewpoints Says:


  2. Lol Shopped Says:

    That pic of him in the limo with the girl is such a horrible photoshop job. fucking HORRIBLE job, I’ve seen little kids do a better job with finger paint.

  3. James D. Clark Says:

    Hell I have fucked more ho’s than that. 5000 is nothing.

  4. James D. Clark Says:

    That ho Charlie is with is ugly. I wouldn’t let her wrap me with her fish smelling cunt.

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