The Governor’s Prostitute continues to make news. Now she may be in line to make money. Lots of money.

      dollar4.jpg              penthouse.jpg                  dollar4.jpg

There are already reports of magazine and possible book deals. The publisher of Penthouse magazine is on record offering her a cover shot and promised to make it “worth her while” if she would consider a photo shoot.


Playboy magazine is also reportedly interested and a reality tv show is not out of the question.  All for having unprotected sex with the bald, ugly former governor of New York.


 The world’s most famous hooker is also making money on the downloads of her music.

When Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s name was leaked yesterday, by the New York Times, all we knew about the 22-year-old brunette is that she charged creepy old dudes, like Eliot Spitzer, up to $5,500 an hour for sex.

Now, thanks to half the reporters in the free world descending on the girl’s private life, we know a little bit more. Details have emerged about her MySpace page, her musical “career,” and her drug use.

Not to mention her elementary school gymnastics exploits.

We also know she’s a liar. Reports of her having a Master’s degree (off the bio she alledgedly wrote on the escort service’s website) turned out to be false. Until yesterday the reality (according to her own words on her Myspace page) is she was a dropout, formerly homeless, recreational drug user. Who charged men for sex.

So much for the concept of the “high class” prostitute.

The Times of London quotes one of Dupre’s former classmates as saying “she was never slutty” in high school.

Maybe not, but she’s a WHORE now.

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One Response to “HOOKERS LIE?”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Can she make anything off this Webcastr video? It’s called ‘You’ve Been Spitzed’. It’s pretty funny!


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