The irony was overwhelming.

On a day when Oklahoma City was virtually guaranteed an NBA franchise (thanks Washington State Legislature!), their fans revealed what racist hicks they really are.


In a brilliant article, basketball writer, Darnell Mayberry, of The Oklahoman, pointed out just how ignorant some of the residents of Oklahoma City could be. Mayberry compiled quotes from his newspaper’s message boards, other pieces written by The Oklahoman and callers to local talk radio.

darnell_mayberry.jpgDarnell Mayberry

Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

The piece features quotes from various OKC residents talking about the prospect of NBA basketball coming to their town. And they don’t seem very happy about it.

Citing every possible ignorant stereotype, fans openly wondered if the NBA’s presence would increase Oklahoma City’s crime rate and drag down the city.


Some samples: “We don’t want the NBA, with its image problems, fatherless children, egomaniacs and shootings. No thanks.”

And, says Mayberry, suggestions for possible team nicknames included “Posse,” “Thugs” and “Hoodlums.”

Man, those Oklahoma City fans are really stuck in the 80’s.


Shawn Kemp

Actually, I was thinking 1880’s:


And, before you accuse ME of doing some stereotyping of my own, here’s a couple of facts for you.


Civil Rights groups that monitor hate organizations list Oklahoma City as a CURRENT location of Neo-Nazi activity.

Oklahoma is also the home of multiple chapters of the Knights of The Bayou (an offshoot of the KKK.)


Sure, this guy was recently fired as a NEBRASKA state trooper for joining the Klan, but he’s an Oklahoma native son.


And both the History Channel and Wikipedia cite Oklahoma as a traditional hotbed of Klan activity.

So, here’s some free marketing advice for Sonics owner Clay Bennett. Since the fans in your hometown may not be into their new basketball team, here’s some additional memorabilia you might consider selling:

Each item is available for purchase directly off the KKK’s official website. (seriously!)

And there’s something for the whole (Oklahoma) family:

kkkkup.jpgKKK Kup

kkkkoaster.gifKKK Koaster


kkkkey.jpgKKK Keychain

Maybe something for the Little Lady:


Official KKK Oven Mitts

It’s bad enough that a great city like Seattle is going to lose its basketball team. But, losing it to a place like Oklahoma City is the worst!

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  1. Washingtonhearthorses Says:

    Are you serious? I find it hilarious that you find the need to post something about a city you know nothing about. Also, the term “hick” comes from a term used to describe people from the eastern mountain ranges. See…”old hickory” was Andrew Jackson’s nickname for his tough demeanor, and thick skin. ‘Hicks’ was a nickname for people from Tennessee….no the plains of Oklahoma. Did you do a google search for ‘racist’ and Oklahoma and pick some gems out of the box? What a journalist…more like a joke. Only ‘journalist’ I know that would cite wikipedia and the history channel as viable sources. So there are 13 hate groups being tracked in Oklahoma…you know how many there are in Washington? 20 ,HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! You racist ass holes need to settle down. There are 42 in georgia, and whopping 80 in the california utopia.


    You know whats funny about the white trash in Washington? How about beastiality sex rings….Hahaha! This guy in washington was getting it so hard from a horse HE DIED!! HAHAHA!!


    Not only this but Oklahoma actually outlaws sex with farm animals. Washington doesn’t making it a mecca for animal sex rings to function legally in Washington.


    Did you really track down a police officer that lives in nebraska, for your list of reasons “not to stereotype” Oklahoma. You are a ignorant, pathetic joke of a writer. Get a new hobby. Oh and stay away from our farms out here, its illegal to mount a worse ‘washington’ style out here.

  2. Robert Says:

    I like how you assume the Confederate flag means official KKK merchandise. Get your facts straight. While the KKK did use the rebel flag, its not as if the Conferedate States of America was officially backing the klan. Suppose some terriost group starting using the American flag as its symbol, that doesn’t mean America supported it. You obviously know nothing. Who’s the ignorant one now?

    You see, it’s amature writers like you who lead people astray from seeing what the truth really is. And your article had ABSOLUTLY nothing to do with the reasons the Sonics are leaving Seattle.

  3. Michael Owens Says:

    This article is a f**king joke. Stop beinga hypacrit you commy bastard. The KKK has had events all over the country. Check this out if you dont believe me:


  4. Julie Frederish Says:

    It’s because of writers like you that the first ammendment should be changed. If it were up to me you would no longer have a freedom of speech since none of what you have to say makes any damn sense anyway.

  5. SeattleSucks Says:

    Whatever. Go have sex with some animal or something

  6. Raul Caberra Says:

    I really love the fact this artle mentions the life of the Nebraska State Trooper for its reason that Oklahoma is a bad place. 1 person? REALLY? THATS ALL YOUVE GOT? AND HE DIDN’T EVEN LIVE HERE ANYMORE MORE? If thats the worst dirt you could find on Oklahoma, then I’d say its a fine place to live, to raise a family, and to watch an NBA game. 🙂

  7. BigJ Says:

    All i know is this upcoming football season when the Sooners play at Washington, I’ll be there. And I’ll also be wearing my Oklahoma City _______ NBA Team Merchandise.

  8. GoFuckYourself Says:


  9. Makes Sense Says:

    At least George Washington, the man which the state of Washington is named for, got to visit Washington. Oh wait, he didn’t. That makes alot of sense

  10. John Says:

    Hey Washington People,

    Look, when you get an NBA team, then we can talk, lol

  11. Clay Clay Says:

    You fucking redneck bastards can suck my dick. You fuckers are so ingrained with racism that you dont know what it is. It has been documented that you fuckers have problems with Indians, Mexicans, and Blacks.

    Now you act like the fucking Sonics are already in your back pocket? Havent you heard the latest, that it is not likely to happen? Your nothing but a bunch of ignorant redneck bastards.


  12. Dakota Says:

    your stupid. oh and btw. we have the team… your just mad because your not as good as oklahoma.

  13. oklahoma Says:

    hey clay, a bunch of ignorant redneck bastards just got your team!

  14. Holden Caulfield Says:

    Your ignorant!!!

  15. Robbie Krattiger Says:

    Chris Paul loved Oklahoma and he did not want to leave when they were forced to go back to New Orleans. Their are racist people everywhere the northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and Midwest. You have no idea what you are talking about, the article you cited was taken out of context. You are a terrible writer and that picture at the top is probably of you and your racist sisters. There are no black people in the picture, therefore I am stereotyping you as racist. Don’t like it? Well that is what you just did to Oklahoma.

  16. Stef Says:

    Oh, look, ma… another Pacific Northwest writer who thinks he can write about a place he’s never been.

    You should have fought harder to keep your team there, pal. If you have to blame someone, blame your city, county and state leaders. Don’t blame Clay Bennett or Oklahoma City.

    Every locale has some history they’d rather forget, and Oklahoma (and Seattle, I’m sure) are no exception.

    So, don’t lay your blame where it doesn’t belong. BTW, a REAL journalist doesn’t use wikipedia for their sources. I’m not a journalist and even I know that!

  17. Massachusetts Liberal Says:

    Their, There and They’re are not interchangeable… do any of you even have a high school diploma?

  18. Stef Says:

    Dear Mass Liberal:

    I have a college degree, thank you very much. And, I do know the different uses of their, there, and they’re, so I hope you aren’t talking about me when you say “do any of you even have a high school diploma?”

  19. steveej Says:

    You are a complete STATIST (state-ist) I have lived in Oklahoma City for almost 50 years and I have NEVER known a KKK member, or been recruited to join the KKK. The worst racist jokes I ever heard in my life came from a guy who moved here from Lousiana. The “region” of Oklahoma that is a hotbed of racist activity is farther away from OKC than Dallas, Texas. Please stop yourself before you look like a fool… ooops! too late!

  20. Michael Says:

    you are completely ignorant and have obviously never been to Oklahoma City.

  21. J Dog Says:

    I decided to google “Oklahoma” and “racist” after reading a news story about a paper in Oklahoma that didn’t even print the results of the election of Barack Obama. The only thing that the paper said was that McCain made a strong showing in the local elections. Anti-American doesn’t even scratch the surface on that type of ignorance. If that doesn’t settle the issue of institutionalized racism in Oklahoma I really don’t know what would.

  22. Coy Says:

    First of all I would like to commend all of the overwhelming majority of supporters for Oklahoma on this poor excuse for “journalism.” Secondly, I would like to start off with this: Just because Oklahoma has ties with the past Confederacy and is located in the Southern region of the United States doesn’t earn it the title of a state full of “racist hicks.” The Ku Klux Klan didn’t even exist at the time that the Confederate States of America reigned over Indian Territory. I can tell you that a vast majority of Oklahomans are thrilled to have the NBA back in our state. As a matter of fact I have not heard one negative remark regarding it’s presence. As to the issue of the “Sapulpa Herald” (official town newspaper of Sapulpa, Oklahoma) not posting the election of President Obama: How does that constitute racism “J Dog?” Have you ever come to realize that there are quite a few people out there who don’t agree with President Obama’s political agenda? This is the state of Oklahoma, possibly the MOST conservative state in the union. I take great pride in that newspaper being that my great grandfather was the editor of that particular paper for years. He was a heart felt church-going moralistic man who is a shining example of the class of people that the “Sapulpa Herald” chooses to employ. Generally a conservative viewpoint. It’s so easy for people to pull out the race card on someone simply because they don’t have a strong enough argument to support their theory. That sir is the behavior of an 8 year old. Name calling. I for one am extremely excited about the presence of the Oklahoma City Thunder here in our great state! Oh and for Mr. “Clay Clay” guess what? It did happen.

  23. Courtney Rao Says:

    Well, I thought your blog was decent until I read this post. What kind of self-respecting journalist calls people with a different cultural background “hicks?” You go on about being anti-racist, and you then use a slur. As an original Southerner (I am Eastern Band Cherokee,) I too take offense to the term, which has been leveled at me because of my region of origin.

    I’m sorry, but you’re obviously just a hypocrite. Remind me to never hire you in my newsroom.

  24. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    You make it sound like racism only exists in Oklahoma. And the reason why most of Oklahoma voted for McCain is because they felt that Obama was not the right MAN for the job. PLEASE QUIT PLAYING THE FUCKING RACE CARD! If OKC was nothing but a town of racist hicks, why are they showing up to games and paying good money to see players of all races, colors, and ethnicities play hoops? The only color that matters is Thunder blue!

    You fail horribly.


  25. K. Martin Says:

    I just moved back to Oklahoma after being gone for 11 years. The racism here is alive and well, people don’t even try to hide it, I’m ashamed to live here. The newspaper that did not cover the election was my hometown newspaper. The democratic party at the county fair even refused to put Obama election material out. I live here, don’t tell me you’re not racist!

  26. Carl Victor Says:

    It is not difficult to realize that bigotry is alive and well in America. Mr. Mayberry is a prime contributor to its existence. He incites the roots for a rampant infestation of some unreasoning members of the black community. Wake up folks we have a black president who could never have achieved that status without the vote of all members of our culture. Mr. Mayberry simply thinks that his vitriol is accurate because he wrote it. It only serves to manifestly display a psychotic individual whose poisonous philosophy distorts the truth for certain intellectually inhibited individuals.

  27. paul Says:

    whats wrong with being racist? im thinking of joing the klan.

  28. OKisRacist Says:

    I was born and raised in Oklahoma and I can assure you all white’s here are racist, they hate blacks and it is by far the worst state in the U.S. They are nothing but abhorrent, prejudice pricks!

  29. doccy Says:

    Oklahoma is the big racist State. Being Oklahoma is the Native American state are even worst, being benefited with a separate class of government and highly honored by the United States government white Indians care nothing for integration, do a good job of keeping African and Mexican Americans out, and no problem, they have their own governments, but who is surprized. At the beginning of the Civil war Cherokees jumped right in to fight for the confederates

  30. doccy Says:

    The Choctaw owned 6000 African American slaves, took part in the slave trade and fought for the confederacy. During the civil war the Creek, Seminole, and other Tribes followed the path of the pro slavery movement that was at that time proposed by Texas through letter of the state of Texas secession for reasons that the separate class status allowed the African race to benefit the White race. The Choctaw tribe agreed based upon the benefit they considered would assist their commerce. Today most Native American Nations in Oklahoma are mostly White, including most State representatives are Native Americans.
    On June 14 the Oklahoma state Supreme Court upheld most provisions of the state’s strict anti-immigrant law, passed in 2007 and seen as a precursor to Arizona’s infamous legislation. And this year Oklahoma City state senator Ralph Shortey introduced a suite of anti-immigrant laws including one billed as “Arizona Plus.”

    Shortey is Native American and as a child lived on a South Dakota reservation. He said that’s one of the reasons he wants to send a message to undocumented immigrants that they are “not welcome” in Oklahoma. In March Shortey told a group of reporters with the Institute for Justice and Journalism that he knows what it feels like to have one’s land stolen, and he doesn’t want it to happen again through an influx of undocumented immigrants.

    The bill he introduced would order police to enforce immigration law, allow law enforcement to confiscate the property of undocumented immigrants — including homes and cars — and could criminalize providing social services and otherwise interacting with undocumented immigrants.

    Shortey, a freshman legislator whose district was actually majority Latino until recent redistricting, also wrote laws that would mandate English-only, re-interpret the 14th Amendment so that children of undocumented immigrants would not be citizens, and prevent undocumented college students from getting in-state tuition.

    Shortey and other anti-immigrant legislators had hoped their bills would build upon HB 1804, the draconian anti-immigrant law passed in 2007 and then challenged in court. Waves of Latino immigrants – documented and undocumented – left Oklahoma after 1804’s passage, according to many accounts. On June 14 the state Supreme Court ruled that almost all the bill’s provisions are constitutional.

    The bill’s author, Republican state Rep. Randy Terrill (who is facing felony bribery charges for allegedly trying to persuade a Democratic legislator not to run for re-election), hailed the decision as a major victory and an affirmation of statewide anti-immigrant sentiment. Such sentiment, Shortey said, fueled his Arizona Plus bill.

    “You have Democrats and Republicans who want Arizona Plus, legal Hispanics and everybody else who wants it,” Shortey told reporters in March.“Little babies come out screaming ‘We want Arizona Plus.’ I can’t ignore them.”

  31. doccy Says:

    Surprisingly enough it was General George Armstrong Custer who fought to keep the Pro Slavery states and the Native American tribes from assisting the Confederates in winning the Civil war. His cavalry units played a critical role in forcing the retreat of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s forces. In gratitude, General Philip Sheridan bought and made a gift of the Appomatox “surrender table” to Custer and his wife, Elizabeth Bacon Custer.

    Custer went on to find his end fate on the morning of June 25, 1876 believing that he was on the verge of a certain victory for both the Union and himself, Custer ordered an immediate attack on the Lakota tribe at Little Bighorn.
    Thousands of Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho warriors
    forced Custer’s unit back onto a long dusty ridge parallel to the Little Bighorn where they surrounded and killed all 210 of Custer’s troops.
    Custer died that day although it was not the end of the Unions efforts put an end to the pro slavery movements.

    Countless paintings of “Custer’s Last Stand” were made, including one distributed by the Anheuser-Busch brewing company where Custer was veiwed being surrounded by Indians at Little Bighorn .

    And Yes Oklahoma is a pro racist State. I live in Oklahoma on Native American Nation land, and also a tribal member.
    Never doubt YOURSELF.

  32. Joe.R Says:

    Rebel flag is apart of american history of the south, the kkk is incest created group that ruins and drags down america. So if people get angry about the kkk or neo-nazis, just look at it this way i live in oklahoma most of those people are lower class wages,live in ghetto homes, have fuck up teeth,domestic violence, and plain simple they rarely live in the city. Racism is everywhere in the world and what we can do is let these ignorant people be, their never going to be in the government, doctors, or become useful in the world so just laugh at their backward way of thinking and move on. Tip: kkk is in rural oklahoma parts like, guymon, ardmore, and ect and neo-nazis can be found in lower middle class and middle class rarely like in, enid, tulsa, and kinda in oklahoma city, For people out of state reading this not all oklahoma if you ever face this there are good people who i have seen beat the living shit out of kkk members for picking on a young black girl and these man who did so are white and had the rebel flag on their car. Trust me most white oklahoman’s are ashamed of this but hate being group with these disgusting people.

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