You know what’s wrong with Hollywood?

Well, apparently it’s that there are too many African American actors with jobs.

The Drudge Report has an interesting blurb this weekend about Robert Downey Jr. being hired to play a black man in the upcoming movie “Tropic Thunder.”



How depressing! The part was originally written for a black actor and some skeezy, drug addict, white dude comes in and snakes the job.  Typical Hollywood.


Here’s another publicity shot from this upcoming epic. Apparently they’re kind of into casting against type.

In addition to Black Robert Downey Jr. we have: 

Muscled-Up Rambo/Type Guy: being played by Ben Stiller

and Blonde Guy: is Jack Black

This reminds me of the story awhile back that Hollywood was looking to make a movie about boxing legend Joe Louis (Yay!) and had cast Vin Diesel to play the “Brown Bomber” (Boo!)


Before                  After

Hooray for Hollywood!

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