BAD: Former Detroit Tigers Farmhand In Trouble For Sex With a 17-Year-Old
WORSE: Chris Facione was the girl’s youth softball coach in Southern California
WORST: He probably gave her an STD
BEYOND EVIL: On Jan. 18 Facione spoke with the player, whose doctor thought she might have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. Facione reportedly lied, assuring her that he routinely gets tested. Immediately after the STD conversation, the 37-year-old Facione called the girl back and ASKED HER ON A DATE saying he “missed her.” Facione has been charged with two felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.


Ok, if this story were to end RIGHT HERE I’d probably give it about a 9.5 on the sick-o-meter.  But wait! There’s more:
Facione was reportedly using his power as one of the area’s top club level coaches and a Cal alum to get his girls prestigious athletic scholarships.  In fact, he formed an organization in conjunction with his softball team called “Next Level Softball” for just such a purpose.
The organization’s website is STILL ACTIVE as of this moment and features a glowing testimonial from Cal softball player Kelly Taylor who said this about her sex-crime charged coach:
“Why I chose Cal: Attending the University of California, Berkeley has been a goal of mine since I was young. I remember the day I started playing travel ball my coach and inspiration, Chris Facione (who also attended Cal), told me that he was going to help me achieve this dream of mine. I grew up hearing stories about Cal and how great it was to not only go to school with amazing athletes but also meet very intelligent individuals.”
No doubt intelligent individuals like Facione, who apparently wasn’t smart enough to use a condom while having sex with his 17-year-old player. 
Gee, I guess we know now why internet sensation Allison Stokke is a Cal Girl!
The Next Level website also refers to another player (UNLV’s Kendall Fearn) as “Fearn-alicious!”  Now, call me a Victorian Prude, but is it really wise to reference a teen-aged player as “Fern-alicious” on your website when the head of your organization has just been arrested for multiple felonies for having sex with an under-aged girl?  I’m just asking…
Facione’s arrest has forced The Next Level softball to make some concessions though. This also from the TNL website:
“In response to the unfortunate situation our organization is experiencing right now, the board of directors of The Next Level met last night (March 4th) with the goals of protecting everyone involved and keeping our organization strong and moving forward.
The board would like to assure everyone that TNL is not going anywhere.”
The organization may be “moving forward,” but they are doing so without coach Facione:
“Chris Facione will be taking an administrative leave to focus on personal issues. He understands the importance of keeping the organization moving forward and everyone is in agreement that this is the best course of action at the present time.”
One other note. The San Diego Union Tribune first reported the story about the felony charges against Chris Facione. However, nowhere in that article did they reference the glowing puff piece that the paper had done on Facione a couple of years earlier. This article not only commended Facione’s dedication and coaching methods but associated him with former big-leaguers Bret Boone, Phil Nevin, and Dave Roberts (his former roommate.) The Union Tribune piece concluded with a phone number so that you too could sign your children up to be coached by Chris Facione.

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5 Responses to “SICK BASTARD OF THE DAY!”

  1. John Smith Says:

    Maybe you should check your facts before you go slander someone on the internet and publish it online:

  2. Sandra Collins Says:

    I’ve seen his behavior on the field with his teams, and you parent who allow your kids to play on TNL teams should be ashamed of yourselves! First of all, he’s borderline abusive, and picks the ones he wants to have sex with. He got away with it, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. Get your head out of the sand “John Smith”.

  3. Fenn Says:

    First off, he was let off because the girls story seemed to change overnight. Secondly the softball comunity is a family in itself, and nicknames do come up because coach’s are seen more than just coaches but family. Lastly, bringing up previous players and putting their name out there as so to say that the charges against Chris have just been brough up this article seems to be implying that the crime chris has been charged with has been going on with these girls. Now that is absurd, Taylor kelly was one of my bestfriends and chris was like a father to her as was my coach when i played… my coach too influenced some of my decisions for later in life but what the media fails to put in here was chris and Kelly’s family visited numerous colleges because kelly was such an amazing player she was recruited for D1 teams all around the country. I was on the offense of the trial, i was dating someone who testified against chris. I heard the entire trial and my ex’s testimony. There was no proof and chris is a good coach, there’s no one way to coach it’s how the players react. You can’t judge a family when you’re just a neighbor. And sandra i’m sure Taylor kelly’s parents are so ashamed that they let her play on a team that got her a division 1 FULL ride scholariship to one of the best teams in america, deeply ashamed.

  4. notafan Says:

    there was plenty of proof. he wanted to plead guilty before the jury trial because he wanted to avoid publicity. he was very lucky to have gotten off with a good defense attorney. thats what they get paid so much to do- twist things.
    and now look- he is at it again, in colorado. he will get what he deserves in no time. shame on all of you for not seeing the other side. he wouldnt do it to everyone thats not what criminals do- they plot. OPEN YOUR EYES

  5. notonurlevel Says:

    Not only is he at it again,…. he never stopped. One of the reasons the parents have not stepped up to speak against this guy is because he usually goes after the mother’s of these girls. Unfortunately there are quit a few of you mother’s that have gotten sucked in and made complete fools of. You Father’s who found out and have threatened his life are too embarrassed and ashamed to speak up either. I suppose enough harm to your family has been done by this narcissist. It’s too bad that,for now, he Will be allowed to continue to abuse the trust of these young girls and their families. He’s done a good job fooling a lot of you……. but a slimmy worm leaves a trail!!!!!!

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