Mike Responts aka The Sports Pig is Back, Baby, just like the boys of summer.  And just like baseball, hope springs eternal on my new blog:  mikeresponts.wordpress.com 

 Insert Trumpet Fanfare here.

Seriously, keep in touch with my blog because I’m going to be adding all my latest Audio and Pictures from my radio shows in Las Vegas!  Check out my pictures from the Olympic Garden with UFC fighter, Kendall Grove and the hot women from OG!

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2 Responses to “MIKE RESPONTS IS BACK!”

  1. Curt Swade Says:


    You should be on with Steve and reform the Wiseguys. It was a shame they bumped you off. Right now it’s painful listening to Cokin as Cofield partner – actually I don’t even listen. Hpope things are well with you and at some point, those boneheads in LV realize what a great team you and Steve made. God Bless and all the best,


  2. Diana Vogt Says:

    Hey guy — lookin’ good. If you want to come watch the college world series next year, I’ve got a spare room. I’d love to hear the Sports Pig color commentary on the “fan fest” that comes with the CWS every year here in (Oh my God I’m still here) Omaha.

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